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When tech drives logistics

In an industry where speed is everything, minutes can mean millions.

That’s why we’re relentlessly improving our technological infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve. Providing the best all-around delivery experience for clients, contractors and customers is what really drives us.

What’s under the bonnet?

The most important tool we use to accelerate last-leg delivery is the Route Optimisation Sequence (ROS). From receipt of final client manifests and the next-day contractor booking is when Dragonfly works its magic.

In under 90 minutes, routing wizards work with state-of-the-art algorithms to take in over 600,000 package manifests and crank out 3,000+ unique, fully optimized routes, in Australia, Canada and the US.

Precious minutes gained here have a massive impact for everyone involved. With the evolution of key tech platforms this year, we’ll be shaving 45 minutes off from the ROS to deliver at even greater speeds.


3,000 +

Daily delivery routes optimized in peaks


500,000 +

Packages processed and delivered per day in peaks


97.2 %

On-time deliveries that meet Service Level Agreements

Million Dollar Minutes

Faster route optimisation means later drop-off times for clients to create higher package capacity and more next-day deliveries.

Add that to our legendary volume flexibility and solid on-time delivery rate, revenue limitations are a thing of the past.

Guiding Delivery Contractors to success

ROS dynamically factors in contractor specs like vehicle type and exact cargo density to maximise daily capacity and resulting daily revenue.

Traffic jams, weather conditions, road types, you name it. Our app leverages hundreds of data points, updating package delivery sequences in real-time so all packages are delivered in the shortest time frame.

We also use machine learning with humans in mind. We stay one step ahead and enhance our contractor experience by factoring in route end points and geo reoccurrences to limit friction in day-to-day delivery operations.

Predictability for a Worry-free Customer Experience

Keeping customers informed every step of the way with accurate notifications and visual proof of delivery helped make Dragonfly a big hit.

Our latest platform enhancements will take the experience to the next level with multichannel alerts and live geo tracking. Two-way communication between driver and consignee will top off the ultimate stress-free delivery.

Accessible Customer Satisfaction Data

Granular customer satisfaction data is in the hands of all delivery contractors for real-time monitoring and constant improvement on service quality.

A constantlyevolving platform

We’re not just growing our business, we’re improving it.

We’re constantly investing in upgrades to our technological platform using the latest, top-shelf components and enhancements.

With our team of 60+ tech specialists, we’re developing tailored solutions and leveraging partners like Salesforce, Wise Systems, and Pulsar.

At Dragonfly, we learn from every single delivery and build on our successes. For clients, contractors, and customers, this means a better delivery experience every day.

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