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Drive with Dragonfly

Run your own delivery fleet

Hire a team of drivers and manage deliveries with your own fleet as an Independent Delivery Contractor (IDC) with Dragonfly. Your revenue only depends on your entrepreneurial spirit, your performance and your ambition.

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Become an Independent Delivery Contractor

Want to have your own successful business without the administrative headaches? With our cutting-edge route optimization technology and stellar support network, Dragonfly is the innovative company you can build with.

Grow your team and your income

Grow your business, your team and your earnings at your own pace. We’ll give you a few local routes to start and you can spread your wings from there. Work with an industry leader shaping the future of logistics in the Australian delivery landscape.

Maximise profit with our Driver App

Your team members will be equipped with our Driver App that is simple and safe to use. Every day, they will get the optimal route for the day’s deliveries along with crystal clear directions. Our self-learning app optimises your time down to the smallest variable by analysing routes, weather, driver affinity and more. So you maximise delivery density – along with your revenue.

Be your own boss

As an Independent Delivery Contractor, you become a service provider of Dragonfly as the name states, not an employee. We believe insisting on exclusivity is unfair to entrepreneurs like you. It’s your business. You took the risk. We respect that. So you’ll never be a captive under our brand; on the contrary, you’re free to grow your business the way you see fit, with your team of drivers.

Manage deliveries on a day-to-day basis

Team of skilled drivers

As a Dragonfly independent delivery contractor you’ll have the freedom to hire your own team of skilled drivers and guarantee a top quality delivery service 7 days a week.

You'll be looking after:
  • Ensuring efficiency of loading and delivery performance for your team.
  • Assigning routes and deliveries to your team members.
  • Managing team members’ arrivals and departures and keeping track of their daily routes.
  • Identifying any issues and discussing them with Dragonfly.
  • Carrying out an average of 110 to 150 stops per driver with your own fleet of vehicles (minimum 7.6 cubic meters).
  • Managing your resources to sometimes deal with large increases in seasonal volume demand.
Customer satisfaction

Ultimately, it’ll be up to you to organise and motivate your drivers so they do their best work. After all, an efficient and friendly delivery team means happy customers. It’s what matters most.

Ready to take the next step?

Business opportunities await in Brisbane and Sydney.

Become an Independent Delivery Contractor to be your own boss, manage your delivery teams and grow your business with Dragonfly!

Not ready to manage your own team yet? No problem! Apply as a driver and we’ll send your info to an Independent Delivery Contractor to join their fleet.

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The following qualifications are necessary to become an Independent Delivery Contractor.

The following qualifications are necessary to become a Driver and join an Independent Delivery Contractor's team.

Business requirements
Delivery requirements